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Folk Art Articles and Profiles

AB THE FLAGMAN - Flag Fascination
Ab the Flagman was discovered selling his wooden flag creations to fans outside Atlanta's Fulton County Stadium... This is his story.

ALLEN, DAVID - Whittling a Southern Tradition
The Fancy Walking Sticks of David Allen.

ASPIN, TYLER - Fine Art Meets Folk Art
Fine Art Meets Folk Art with a Giant Folklore Sculpture called The Canada Tree.

A different kind of canvas.

BEAM, MARK - Southern California Folk Artist
A self-taught artist, Mark began making works of art when he was 26 years old.

BEECHER, GENE - Dancing Band to Dancing Brush: Gene Beecher
Born in 1909 in Houston Texas, Gene Beecher never intended to make painting his career. Why would he? He had a career...

BISHOP, JIM - Bishop's Castle
It started as a mountain cabin and grew to large castle. Jim Bishop is the remarkable man who built it.

BOTTLE ART - Art in Bottles
Ships, anchors, photos and folk art inside bottles. How'd they do that?

CHAND, NEK - Nek Chand: One Majestic Dream
Discover the world's largest folk art attraction. Located in Chandigarh, India.

CHEER, NOBLE - Leaf Painter
Noble Cheer is a folk artist who uses real leaves as her canvas.

CURRAN, OLIVER - One Irish Soul
Meet folk artist Oliver Curran. A man who's work tells a tale of a people. Oliver's people.

DENNIS, REVEREND H. D. - Deep South Preaching at Margaret's Grocery Store
The story of an aging black man with clear blue eyes which look into your very soul.

FLOORCLOTHS - The Floor Beneath Our Feet
A brief history of floorcloths and a resurgence in this form of Art.

GIBSON, SYBIL - Faces are the Mirror to the Soul
Sybil Gibson was a folk artist who, in spite of a troubled life, created simple beauty.

GREENE, MARY - Folk Painter
Self taught artist Mary Greene shares memories of her life.

HALL, JACK - Jack Hall: The Matchstick Man
Learn about the man who made musical instruments from matchsticks.

HEIDELBERG PROJECT - Taking Back The Streets: Folk Art in Detroit Michigan
Taking abandoned and drug infested houses on Heidelberg Street and covering them in a colorful array of items.

HUNTER, CLEMENTINE - Clementine Hunter
The first African American woman to exhibit in the New Orleans Museum of Art.

KNIGHT, LEONARD - Salvation Mountain
The story of Leonard Knight, salesman of biblical messages.

LAUDER, BOB & DEE - Fogo Folks
Meet Bob and Dee Lauder, a couple who moved to an island where they built a house and created a few "people" to share their space with.

LEEDSKALNIN, EDWARD - Coral Castle: Monument of Love
Was the creator of Florida's Coral Castle a Visionary or a Magician?

LEWIS, MAUD - Maud Lewis
Maud painted every surface of her house - inside and out, even the windows... This is her story.

LOGGINS, BONNIE - Destined to Paint
From a unusual introduction to creating art there was no stopping Bonnie Loggins. In her eightees Bonnie's art speaks to all of us.

LUCAS, CHARLIE - Charlie "Tin Man" Lucas
From scrap yards and dumps he takes old discarded metal items and turns them into something new to show the world that everything new and shiny is not the natural order of things.

MCFADDEN, PAUL - The Fisherman from Shediac
Paul McFadden, the fisherman who carves, paints and creates scenes from his childhood.

MICHAEL SHELLEY, MARY - Picture Stories Carved in Wood
The Self-Taught Art of Mary Michael Shelley.

MYSTERY artist
Meet a mystery artist who exists...therefore he creates.

PRITCHARD, BERNETTA - Rosemaling: American Style
Meet rosemaling artist Bernetta Pritchard, find out how she got started and see examples of her Telemark, Rogaland, and Valdres designs.

THIBODEAU, LLOYD - Painting on saw blades
Have you ever watched someone cut wood with a saw, especially an electric skill or radial arm saw?

TRAYLOR, BILL - One Man's Memories
Born as a slave near Benton, Alabama Bill Traylor began creating folk art in his eighties.

Today, origami is a form of folk art practised worldwide by many people... people like Maarten van Gelder.

I am sure all of you are familiar with the movie Driving Miss Daisy. Well, Georgia's Robert Lindsey Walker - in his retirement - took up driving widowed ladies around to their various tasks...

What the Ave Maria Grotto is, where to find it and information on the man who created it.