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To understand folk art, we have to look at its early beginnings.

The tradition of folk art had its start in humble homes. Sometimes referred to as the poor man's art, it exhibited a desire to make and own pieces of beauty which were not within the reach of the average person. Useful and beautiful objects made of readily available materials were created by people who had not studied art techniques in an academic setting. They learned through trial and error, or were instructed by someone skilled in a particular art or craft. From musical boxes, to toys for children, the folk artist began to capture the beauty of the outdoors and to imitate precious materials which they could not afford. They decorated objects around them... their furniture, wooden shelves, boxes, pails, watering cans... all sorts of containers. The results were so excellent and visually appealing with strong patterns and bright colors, that folk art slowly became a recognized art form. Although many folk artists do not consider themselves "artists", they add add a richness and beauty to our lives.


Welcome to Folk Art America!
As a folk artist, I am happy to share my passion for folk art with you. My site provides you with in-depth features on Folk Artists from the USA, Canada and beyond, as well as a library of links to relevant web pages that include artist profiles, museums, exhibitions and art techniques. I am especially interested to hear from other folk artists - what you do and why you do it. Enjoy and be sure to let me know what you think!

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